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Since its incepton with “Free Blank Shots” in 2010 Wallace Vanborn grew to be one the staples of the Belgian Rock Scene.

Known mostly for their mixture of heavy guitars, catchy hooks and thumping rythms, Sylvester Vanborm, Dries Hoof and Ian Clement have passionately provided the landscape with 10 years worth of sound.

The successor to “Free Blank Shots”, “Lions, Liars, Guns and God” (2012) was recorded at Mechelen’s famous Motormusic studio under the watchful eyes of Canadian veteran and three time Grammy winning producer David Botrill (Tool, Muse, Placebo).

Subsequently, “The Orb We Absorb” (2014) was recorded at the infamous Rancho De La Luna studio in Joshua Tree (California) and was realised with notorious producer and desert guru Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, UNKLE) at the helm.

Whilst songs like “Atom Juggler”, “Found In La”, “Cougars” and “We Are What We Hide” raided the airwaves, the band played more than 450 shows from the American west coast to Flemish and Dutch backyards and made its way to multiple radio and TV-shows (Studio Brussel, De Wereld Draait Door, Villa Vanthilt, etc).

Wallace Vanborn travelled and raided through cities like Paris, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Groningen, Seattle, Gent, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hollywood, Zürich, Budapest, Oslo, Lausanne, Leeuwarden, Berlin, Stockholm and Amsterdam amongst many others. The band had two great runs at the Dutch showscase festival Eurosonic, two great shows at Pukkelpop festival (Mainstage and Wablief stage), played Sziget, Dour, Appelpop and a boatload of smaller and bigger festivals and venues through Europe.

After the release of “The Orb We Aborb” and the exclusive XL concert at the end of the campain (with contri- butions by Blood Red Shoes, Steak Number Eight, Raketkanon, Triggerfinger, Flip Kowlier, Lara Chedraoui and T. Raumschiere) the band took a much needed break.

Two years have passed... and behind the scenes Wallace Vanborn has concluded the recordings of its fourth studio album.

November 2019 we’ll bring “A Scalp For The Tribe” to your local record store and eardrums.