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14 days in and the desert is starting to feel like the actual desert. Summer is kicking in, windscorpions are coming out to play and our eyes, lips and faces are adjusting to the dry heat out here. Only thing to do is not let it get to you, apply mmmmmoisturrrrizeerrrr and enjoy the breeze in the evenings. Focus on nighttime.

We’re joined on our mission by mister Hayden Scott (freelance drummer, currently with Brody’s band) as our tracking-engineer/mix wizard and meanwhile most of the vocals are done and our skeleton is starting to sound like the storm we want it to be. Getting closer to it as each day goes by. Also, we’ve already killed one of our darlings and shot one of the songs down, as it wasn’t standing up to the quality of the other 11. Not the same ballpark. Part of the deal is knowing what to say and what not to say. When to say it. The bigger picture is all that counts, all that jazz.

In between sessions we’re getting to know the place and the people of the desert. Southern hospitality is not like hospitality anywhere else. We found a lot of friendly faces along the road, such as our new buddy “Crash”, who, equipped with only a hammer, has the magic ability to save dying cars and lost road warriors in need of help, get them back to checking out local yardsales for great, idiotic memorabilia. Two dollar-boardgames (Monopoly and Trivial Persuit), check! Self-help books with golden titles like “All the questions you are to weak to ask yourself” and “How to end up a rich woman”, check! Powerfull stuff ‘erywhere.

On a day off this week we refreshed our ears at Pioneertown in Yucca Valley. A site that’s been used throughout the ages for a great deal of Western gunslinger movies and home to Pappy and Harriet’s, the club we’re playing on one of Dave Catching (or Dave Cat$$$hinggg, if you will) his birthday-bash-evenings. Turns out the first ever gay marriage in Joshua Tree was happening right when we were there. Thumbs up feshow!! Can’t stop progress 🙂


Off to enjoy all the ice-cream Foo Fighters left in Brian’s fridge on their way through the Valley. Wounded soldiers must be taken care of! Supa scoopa and mighty scoop.


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