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Journey Through

We’re deep in it now. Working our asses off, some days for 12 hours a day, following the songs wherever they lead us, adding and extracting and balancing the weight before we get ready to dive into mix world next week.

Teles, old Lespauls, Danos, Supros, Fender amps, Gibson amps, Ampeg amps and guitars, Orange amps, bells, chimes, triangles, biggest toms ever, whirly, rhodes, weirdness and a whole lot of tambourine for party flow have all passed the revue. Gots to have your eerie sounds, crackling noises, little interludes here and there or whatever element the songs needed for the full on 3D record experience… and what can we say: audio soup is where we live. Sonic washhh makes us happy. Big brushstrokes all over the place.

In layering and recording vocals Chris’ philosophy hasn’t changed. The first take is usually the one you want. Spontaneous and dangerous. Melodies, vocals and solos that start and don’t know where they’ll end create more dialogue with a straight up gut feel. Never let the comfort zone take over, that way lies boring fucking perfection. Enough of that out there already, right?

Also. We’re set on a title.

Come fall “The Orb We Absorb” will be up for grabs. We hope you find a copy or steal one on the internetz or from a buddie and maybe let it change your life. *coolguystance* + Michael Jackson “Hooooo!”

Two more days of recording and we’ll be clearing our ears before we embark on mixing week. San Diego, here we come for some downtime.


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