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Ready for layers

Second week in and we’re done with the skeleton of the record.

“Fuck me, this is serious business”… meanwhile it’s raining quotes at the Rancho.

12 takes of organic live-feel and it’s all there… with dirt, speedups, hickups, crazy energy and that secret ingredient called reallness. We want you to feel that we’re human and we want you to hear it like we’re playing it, laying it down. Not in 200 takes, not in a bunch of comps, a song is a take, best of three, usually take two. That lovely push/pull.

So we’re getting into overdubs and vocals now and are already starting to think fantasy. The elephants are making their way to the gate, but they need to be decorated with gold and silver, emeralds and diamonds, bloody ornaments, spears and armour and a banner made of lightning. Nothing less. Secrets of the sound… Fun Machine all over the place. Try to spice it up, not to fuck it up and paint the message instead of singing the lyrics and playing guitars. If that makes any sense.

Meanwhile Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect spot for soul-searching, walks around massive boulders, mountain climbing, photoshootin’, sightseeing and dodging lethal snakes. But hey, the snakes in this backyard warn you before they sink their poisonous teeth in your tasty heels. Thems the good guys.

Ayway… a wise man just told us if enough shit piles up eventually a flower has to bloom. And that angels are gathering.

Wishfull thinking with a smirk.










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