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back at it

It’s been a while, but here we are again, almost back in full force. Surely felt good to revive.

We played a handful of shows in May, to try out some new material. We finalised the songs in June and wrapped up recordings at Number Nine Studios in our hometown Ghent in July. We can’t wait to show you our puppy, sometime in the near future!

In the meantime keep an eye on our showdates, as we’ll be adding dates to the list shortly.

Clamotte Rock 2018. by anton coene

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Wave Goodbye Video

Howdie y’all,

This summer we have mostly been playing music, mostly…
We also teamed up with some very talented dames to create a music video for our song ‘Wave Goodbye’.
Many thanks and high respect bows to Stine Sampers, Sofie Hoflack, Mathilde Strijdonk, Gytha C Parmentier, Kyky Kong Kong, Valentine Galeyn, Emma Verbeeck and Inez Verhille.

You never stand alone, therefore big hug and big kiss to Maximiliaan Dierickx and his crew and Kunstencentrum Vooruit.

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Record Store Day

Next Saturday is Record Store Day. We are releasing a pretty 10″ white vinyl record called ‘Swimmer’. It contains 6 existing Wallace Vanborn tracks, stripped down and built back up again in a completely different way.
Here’s our Swimmer-version of Regenerating Mantra. Hope you enjoy!

Grab a copy of this limited release (300 copies) in your local record store next Saturday or order online in our webshop.

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Swimmer EP

31 shows into the Welcome To The Wastelands – tour and we haven’t been sitting still. In between tours and shows we’ve been recording a brandnew EP called “Swimmer”. It contains 6 existing tracks, reinterpretated. Here’s a very first sneak preview of what to expect … a new version of Wastelands. The Swimmer EP will be available on 10″ white vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th). Enjoy!

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Ghent, we love you!

After warming up for 10 shows in Germany, we finally got to play our hometown last Sunday! Read a review of a memorable night here, on Enola.

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The Orb We Absorb

Howdy boys & girls. Glad to announce that, as from today, our newborn “The Orb We Absorb” is available in record stores all over Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For all you happy campers living somewhere else, don’t panic. The album is digitally available worldwide on all known platforms, and if you’re oldskool and appreciate artwork, you can always order a copy in our webshop (link on top of this page). We ship worldwide!

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