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back at it

It’s been a while, but here we are again, almost back in full force. Surely felt good to revive.

We played a handful of shows in May, to try out some new material. We finalised the songs in June and wrapped up recordings at Number Nine Studios in our hometown Ghent in July. We can’t wait to show you our puppy, sometime in the near future!

In the meantime keep an eye on our showdates, as we’ll be adding dates to the list shortly.

Clamotte Rock 2018. by anton coene

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regenerating mantra

Our clip for Regenerating Mantra off of The Orb We Absorb, recorded in Rancho de la Luna, CA with desertguru Chris Goss.
A final act before we hit you with album n°4.

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Wave Goodbye Video

Howdie y’all,

This summer we have mostly been playing music, mostly…
We also teamed up with some very talented dames to create a music video for our song ‘Wave Goodbye’.
Many thanks and high respect bows to Stine Sampers, Sofie Hoflack, Mathilde Strijdonk, Gytha C Parmentier, Kyky Kong Kong, Valentine Galeyn, Emma Verbeeck and Inez Verhille.

You never stand alone, therefore big hug and big kiss to Maximiliaan Dierickx and his crew and Kunstencentrum Vooruit.

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Record Store Day

Next Saturday is Record Store Day. We are releasing a pretty 10″ white vinyl record called ‘Swimmer’. It contains 6 existing Wallace Vanborn tracks, stripped down and built back up again in a completely different way.
Here’s our Swimmer-version of Regenerating Mantra. Hope you enjoy!

Grab a copy of this limited release (300 copies) in your local record store next Saturday or order online in our webshop.

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Swimmer EP

31 shows into the Welcome To The Wastelands – tour and we haven’t been sitting still. In between tours and shows we’ve been recording a brandnew EP called “Swimmer”. It contains 6 existing tracks, reinterpretated. Here’s a very first sneak preview of what to expect … a new version of Wastelands. The Swimmer EP will be available on 10″ white vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th). Enjoy!

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Wallace Vanborn loves Holland!

Good stuff. We just had our first soldout show in The Netherlands last weekend. Thank you very much, Asteriks Leeuwarden! Fun times. We’re doing a lot of Dutch clubshows the next couple of weeks, so check out the tourdates and come join the party!

Here’s a live video of ‘Wave Goodbye’, recorded for Sabam for Culture. Feel free to share!

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Ghent, we love you!

After warming up for 10 shows in Germany, we finally got to play our hometown last Sunday! Read a review of a memorable night here, on Enola.

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Welcome to the Wastelands : Part 1

The first leg of our “Welcome To The Wastelands” – tour is coming up. We’ll be presenting the new album “The Orb We Absorb” extensively ofcourse, but expect a lot of oldies aswell. Germany, you’re up first! We’ve always felt at home in Germany … crowds are not as big as in Belgium ofcourse, but somehow even the smallest crowds in Germany send an enormous amount of energy towards the stage. Just like there are thousands of you fuckers! And that’s why we love Germany! 🙂

Tickets are still avalailable online (see tourdates and ticketlinks on this site). Hope to see a lot of you the next 2 weeks.


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The Orb We Absorb

Howdy boys & girls. Glad to announce that, as from today, our newborn “The Orb We Absorb” is available in record stores all over Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For all you happy campers living somewhere else, don’t panic. The album is digitally available worldwide on all known platforms, and if you’re oldskool and appreciate artwork, you can always order a copy in our webshop (link on top of this page). We ship worldwide!

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Pukkelpop, you were great! Thanx to all of you showing up so early. We had a blast and we hope you felt the same way! Here’s a live video of Supply & The Damned for you. Feel free to share and spread the love!

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Journey Through

We’re deep in it now. Working our asses off, some days for 12 hours a day, following the songs wherever they lead us, adding and extracting and balancing the weight before we get ready to dive into mix world next week.

Teles, old Lespauls, Danos, Supros, Fender amps, Gibson amps, Ampeg amps and guitars, Orange amps, bells, chimes, triangles, biggest toms ever, whirly, rhodes, weirdness and a whole lot of tambourine for party flow have all passed the revue. Gots to have your eerie sounds, crackling noises, little interludes here and there or whatever element the songs needed for the full on 3D record experience… and what can we say: audio soup is where we live. Sonic washhh makes us happy. Big brushstrokes all over the place.

In layering and recording vocals Chris’ philosophy hasn’t changed. The first take is usually the one you want. Spontaneous and dangerous. Melodies, vocals and solos that start and don’t know where they’ll end create more dialogue with a straight up gut feel. Never let the comfort zone take over, that way lies boring fucking perfection. Enough of that out there already, right?

Also. We’re set on a title.

Come fall “The Orb We Absorb” will be up for grabs. We hope you find a copy or steal one on the internetz or from a buddie and maybe let it change your life. *coolguystance* + Michael Jackson “Hooooo!”

Two more days of recording and we’ll be clearing our ears before we embark on mixing week. San Diego, here we come for some downtime.


4a 4c 4d 4e 4f 4g 4h 4i

(c) Photos by Anton Coene – All Rights Reserved

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14 days in and the desert is starting to feel like the actual desert. Summer is kicking in, windscorpions are coming out to play and our eyes, lips and faces are adjusting to the dry heat out here. Only thing to do is not let it get to you, apply mmmmmoisturrrrizeerrrr and enjoy the breeze in the evenings. Focus on nighttime.

We’re joined on our mission by mister Hayden Scott (freelance drummer, currently with Brody’s band) as our tracking-engineer/mix wizard and meanwhile most of the vocals are done and our skeleton is starting to sound like the storm we want it to be. Getting closer to it as each day goes by. Also, we’ve already killed one of our darlings and shot one of the songs down, as it wasn’t standing up to the quality of the other 11. Not the same ballpark. Part of the deal is knowing what to say and what not to say. When to say it. The bigger picture is all that counts, all that jazz.

In between sessions we’re getting to know the place and the people of the desert. Southern hospitality is not like hospitality anywhere else. We found a lot of friendly faces along the road, such as our new buddy “Crash”, who, equipped with only a hammer, has the magic ability to save dying cars and lost road warriors in need of help, get them back to checking out local yardsales for great, idiotic memorabilia. Two dollar-boardgames (Monopoly and Trivial Persuit), check! Self-help books with golden titles like “All the questions you are to weak to ask yourself” and “How to end up a rich woman”, check! Powerfull stuff ‘erywhere.

On a day off this week we refreshed our ears at Pioneertown in Yucca Valley. A site that’s been used throughout the ages for a great deal of Western gunslinger movies and home to Pappy and Harriet’s, the club we’re playing on one of Dave Catching (or Dave Cat$$$hinggg, if you will) his birthday-bash-evenings. Turns out the first ever gay marriage in Joshua Tree was happening right when we were there. Thumbs up feshow!! Can’t stop progress 🙂


Off to enjoy all the ice-cream Foo Fighters left in Brian’s fridge on their way through the Valley. Wounded soldiers must be taken care of! Supa scoopa and mighty scoop.


IMG_2254 IMG_2242 IMG_1734 IMG_1657 IMG_1482 IMG_1519 IMG_1558 IMG_1612

© Photos by Anton Coene – All Rights Reserved


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Ready for layers

Second week in and we’re done with the skeleton of the record.

“Fuck me, this is serious business”… meanwhile it’s raining quotes at the Rancho.

12 takes of organic live-feel and it’s all there… with dirt, speedups, hickups, crazy energy and that secret ingredient called reallness. We want you to feel that we’re human and we want you to hear it like we’re playing it, laying it down. Not in 200 takes, not in a bunch of comps, a song is a take, best of three, usually take two. That lovely push/pull.

So we’re getting into overdubs and vocals now and are already starting to think fantasy. The elephants are making their way to the gate, but they need to be decorated with gold and silver, emeralds and diamonds, bloody ornaments, spears and armour and a banner made of lightning. Nothing less. Secrets of the sound… Fun Machine all over the place. Try to spice it up, not to fuck it up and paint the message instead of singing the lyrics and playing guitars. If that makes any sense.

Meanwhile Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect spot for soul-searching, walks around massive boulders, mountain climbing, photoshootin’, sightseeing and dodging lethal snakes. But hey, the snakes in this backyard warn you before they sink their poisonous teeth in your tasty heels. Thems the good guys.

Ayway… a wise man just told us if enough shit piles up eventually a flower has to bloom. And that angels are gathering.

Wishfull thinking with a smirk.










(c) Photos by Anton Coene – All Rights Reserved

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Arrival in the dark

After 28 hours of snoozing in planeseats and carseats we found ourselves at the infamous Rancho De La Luna, one of the last houses of rock ‘n’ roll, in Joshua Tree, California, set to record the follow-up to “Lions, Liars, Guns and God” with mister Chris Goss. A great deal of legendary music has been made right here and the mood, spirit and history of the place are nothing short of powerful. Cool breeze, clean air, hospitality. There’s a lot to be found where things are scarce and the desert is a world on it’s own. You don’t take it in, it takes you in. We are but humble travellers on our way through, set to spunge-mode, hell bent on absorbing everything this place has to offer on life and music.

We’re staying at Brian – big hands – O’ Connors house this month, close to the rancho, and right after our newfound morning ritual of throwing hatchets, shooting bb-guns and jumping the dirt bike, we get to walk a beautiful walk facing the mountains towards the little studio crammed with enough vintage gear to make any gearslut splooge. Once there we’ll be jamming and re-inventing our songs with Goss at the helm, who’s been eagerly diving into our musical world and devising a map to the sounds we’re about to record, giving us the thumbs up when we provide the energy he’s aiming for and just generally being a positive, amazing entity every chance he gets. In between sessions we’ll take the car for a spin to test-drive the song structures, find out what the gut says and return to recap and adjust where needed.

There’s an army base a few miles from here, one of the biggest marine facilities in the US, stationed with thousands of soldiers that run training missions every day and at night we can hear the booming of the shells in the distance. It’s the sound of powerful masters, preaching only for profit, shaking the earth and prepping more young men to do their bidding in what most of us still consider this “free” world. The thumping sounds serve as a reminder of the dangers of reality and are constantly fuelling the message we want this record to carry.

Buttons are buttons, guitars are wooden boards with metal coils on them, but the message in the playing, from the gut, in the delivery… is the only thing that really matters. Our producer agrees… so I thought I’d rain on your parade and party poop the shit out of this blog from day one.

As Dylan sang… “Sometimes Satan Comes As A Man Of Peace”, and this day and age evil knows how to play nice more then ever, lurking beneath the surface, around us, nesting inside of us, keeping us blind and hungry for things we don’t need. Evil at the army base, evil at the shopping mall, evil in our computerised radio and media, evil in our education and miseducation, evil in our consumerism. Evil in Belgium and in every other part of the globe. This computer, this man-made money machine has us all wearing a ball and chain, promising us each a piece of the pie, but meanwhile our collective blindness is invoking the wrath of our planet. You’ll never find your piece of the pie unless you realise it’s already there.

The time is nigh and you know it. Shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow.
We feel like thats the only message now.

So this record is to be 12 songs that sound the alarm and help expose our shared cluelessness.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to your world.
Yolo motherfuckers.

Talk to you soon.
Greetings from the Rancho.






Wallace Vanborn - Joshua Tree, CA - 2014

(c) Photos by Anton Coene – All Rights Reserved

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